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Project Fi - Group Repay

Project Fi has added a repayment option for members of a Group Plan called Group Repay.    This features allows members of a Group plan to repay the owner.  The Group Repay is done through Google Wallet, so the Group Owner and Group Member(s) will need to have a Google Wallet account.   The member have three options for repayment.   1) Their individual total.  This is the total amount that the Owner has paid for the member.  This includes the price for the Fi Basics, data used, and taxes.   2) Fixed Amount.  This is a fixed amount even if the members bill is more or less. 3)Additional Data Only.  The member will pay for any data used over their data budge.  So if the member has a data budget of 1GB and they use 1.5GB, then they will pay the owner for the 0.5GB over the 1GB budget which will be $5.
Once the repayments are set up for member of the Group plan, A notification from the Project Fi app will remind the Group Member when the payment is due.  An email is also sent from Google W…