Android Auto adds Swipe to Dismiss

The Android Auto team released version 2.2 this week.  The release introduces swipe to dismiss!  This is a much needed feature that has been lacking since the initial release of Android Auto.  I am surprised it wasn't available from release.  Now you can dismiss the cards that are no longer relevant for you and the cards stay dismissed for the duration of your drive.  This works whether you are displaying Android Auto on your phone screen or projecting it to your head unit screen. 
One other change I noticed with this release is that you can now say "Navigate to John Smith's house".  Previously this command was not understood by Android Auto, but "Take me to John Smith's house" was understood.  This is a nice change since people naturally want to say "navigate", not "Take me to".

Official announcement can be found here:!topic/android-auto/-5mrNN-z2AA


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