Project Fi: Adding a Member to a Group Plan

I recent added a member to my existing Project Fi Group Plan. The process was very easy and straight forward. I have documented the steps for the Group Owner and new Group Plan Member.

The Group Owner needs to invite the new member to the group. This can be done from your Project Fi account. Click on Manage Plan, then click "Add Another Member"

The Group owner will need to enter the email address of the new member, select the data budget, and purchase a compatible device, or order a SIM card if they already have a compatible device.

The new Member will receive an email with link to accept the invitation to join the group.  They will be asked if they want to use there Google Voice number if they have one, port an existing number, or have Project Fi assign them a new number, confirm their service address, and accept the terms and conditions.  That's it!
I have included some screen shots from the process.

Group owner adding a new member

Member Accept - What they see


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