Android Auto: Using Navigation with Project Fi

  When I purchased my new truck early this year, I decided not to get the factory navigation system.  Instead, my plan is to use Android Auto and Google Maps for my navigation.  This would save me about $800 off of the cost of my truck.  I also won't have to pay the ~$150 yearly charge that the map company wants to update to the latest map.  The only thing that had me a little worried was cost of using Android Auto with Project Fi.  With Project Fi, you are only charged for the data that you use, so would this actually turn out to be a costly option?  More costly than buying the factory navigation?

  I recently took the truck on a 825 mile round trip drive.  This would be a perfect time to test Android Auto navigation and to see how much data I would use on this long of a trip.  My truck is compatible with Android Auto which means when I plug my phone into the USB port, the phone projects Andorid Auto to the 8" screen in the head unit.    

On my first day of driving, Google Maps used 37.60 MB and the Google App used 17.33 MB of data.  On the return trip home, Google Maps used 26.48 MB and the Google App used 14.13 MB of data.  This is a total of 95.54 MB of data for the two days of driving.  With Project Fi, this cost me $0.95.  It actually used less data than I thought it would and I am happy with my choice to omit the factory navigation when I ordered my truck.

Day 1 data used                                                         Day 2 Data used


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