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Pleason Pixel XL Crystal Clear Case Review

When I got my Pixel XL in Oct. 2016, I also picked up a Pleason clear case.  I have been using the case for a while now, so here are my thoughts. The case is a soft and flexible TPU which provides a nice feel.  It doesn't provide a ton of grip, but it also isn't slippery.  The case is on the thinner side and does not add a lot of bulk, which I like.  The front edges are raised which helps protect the phone screen when you place it face down.

The cutouts for the fingerprint sensor, charging port, speaker, microphones, and headphone jack are perfectly placed.  There are not cutouts for the power and volume buttons.  The buttons are covered and they are not that responsive.  The volume buttons are more responsive than the power button.  I am not a fan of how unresponsive the power button is.  I feel like I have to apply a lot of pressure to the power button.  Because of this, sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 tries to take a screenshot.

After 5 months of use, the clear case has not y…

Project Fi: VoLTE testing

The Project Fi team announced that they are testing VoLTE with a subset of user!  This is a feature that many user have been asking for and we are one step closer.  

This is still in the testing phase and no date has been given when this will roll out to everyone. 

A few advantages of VoLTE are:

Higher quality calls over data - without using any of your data allocationFaster data browsing during an on-going callFaster call setup You can tell you're making a VoLTE call because your signal indicator will continue to display LTE instead of falling to H[HSPA] when you make a or receive a call.

Official announcement is here.

Android Auto: Using Navigation with Project Fi

When I purchased my new truck early this year, I decided not to get the factory navigation system.  Instead, my plan is to use Android Auto and Google Maps for my navigation.  This would save me about $800 off of the cost of my truck.  I also won't have to pay the ~$150 yearly charge that the map company wants to update to the latest map.  The only thing that had me a little worried was cost of using Android Auto with Project Fi.  With Project Fi, you are only charged for the data that you use, so would this actually turn out to be a costly option?  More costly than buying the factory navigation?

Project Fi: Adding a Member to a Group Plan

I recent added a member to my existing Project Fi Group Plan. The process was very easy and straight forward. I have documented the steps for the Group Owner and new Group Plan Member.

The Group Owner needs to invite the new member to the group. This can be done from your Project Fi account. Click on Manage Plan, then click "Add Another Member"

The Group owner will need to enter the email address of the new member, select the data budget, and purchase a compatible device, or order a SIM card if they already have a compatible device.

The new Member will receive an email with link to accept the invitation to join the group.  They will be asked if they want to use there Google Voice number if they have one, port an existing number, or have Project Fi assign them a new number, confirm their service address, and accept the terms and conditions.  That's it!
I have included some screen shots from the process.

Group owner adding a new member

Member Accept - What they see

Project Fi Referral Code

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